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Aleksandar Radovanovic

I am Beauty and Fashion retoucher

I firmly believe that retouchers don’t have to have their own style.
They need to adapt to the style of the photographer they cooperate with.

At the end of the day, we all want the same. Perfect photos for the project we are working on. But this can only be achieved if we have excellent communication and prepare photos for the media on which will be published.

I do not offer retouching! I offer the entire process behind retouching. From the vision and understanding of the client’s needs to the realization of the project.

If something does not work or I have an idea, be sure that you will be informed.
Quality without compromise and on time.

Magazines: GRAZIA NL, Marie Claire NL, Volant Magazine, 7Houses, Estela Magazine, NOCTIS MAG, The BLVD Magazine, Scorpio Jin Magazine, fabulous mama nl

If you want to cooperate send me a message.
Right now I’m available for freelance jobs.